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Frequently Asked Questions

What is commercial plumbing?

A commercial plumber is one who takes on large, usually complex installations of water supply and waste removal. His clients are often commercial building owners or industrial facilities.

What is a certified plumber?

Being a certified plumber is a lot more than someone who is able to unclog a drain. The plumbing profession often requires a very skilled professional who must pass a very strict certification process to be licensed to do their job. A professional licensed plumber deals with so much more than the repair and installation of water pipes.

What is residential plumbing?

Residential Plumbing Terms. This is to test normally the sanitary drain in a house or inner foundation. REsidential Plumbing Term Rough Plumbing Rough Plumbing is a term used to a stage in construction when the plumbing is actually roughed in before the walls are covered up with sheet rock or other wall finishes.

What is a plumbing contractor?

Plumbing contractors can be hired to root out pipes. A plumbing contractor installs, troubleshoots, maintains and replaces the system of pipes, connections, fixtures and devices that facilitate the flow of water in and out of buildings. He may specialize in the residential, commercial or industrial sectors, or work in all three.

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