City of hitchcock police department searching

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hitchcock police department looking for?

The Hitchcock Police Department is currently looking to hire motivated, proactive, community oriented problem solving police officers. Located in Galveston County, the City of Hitchcock Police Department consists of 17 full time officers, 3 reserve officers, and 1 civilian employee who are responsible for serving the city.

How can community-police cooperation improve the Hitchcock Police Department?

The proclaimed course of strong community-police cooperation will help reduce crime rates and will also create a positive perception of The Hitchcock Police Department. Through meeting service expectations and working towards creating and sustaining a high level of public trust, the success of The Hitchcock Police Department will steadily increase.

What is the Hitchcock Stear program?

As part of Emergency Management, The Hitchcock Police Department would like for all citizens of Hitchcock that may require some assistance during a disaster, to register with the Texas Health and Human Services STEAR Program.

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