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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member of clubhouse international?

Be a member of the Clubhouse International Training team as requested. Graduated from an accredited institution with a Bachelor’s degree. Preference will be given to those will a degree in the human services field. Demonstrated experience and skill in programs for people with a mental illness.

What is a clubhouse?

What is a Clubhouse? Learn More about the Clubhouse Model and How It Works! A Clubhouse is a free, community-based membership organization aimed at helping people living with mental illness around the world regain a respected place in society through work, education, wellness and community. Shown above: Hero House NW, Washington, USA.

What are the international standards for clubhouse programs?

The International Standards for Clubhouse Programs™, agreed upon by all our member Clubhouses, define the Clubhouse Model of rehabilitation. The Standards:

How many clubhouses are there in the world?

There are nearly 300 Clubhouses in over 30 countries offering hope and opportunities to people living with mental illness. If you know someone living with mental illness, Clubhouses can help! Find all of our Clubhouses on the Map, or use the Search Tool below the Map to modify your Map view and create a list of your search results.

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