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What does MQ stand for?

MQ: Mid-Quarter: MQ: Medical Questionnaire: MQ: Military Parcel Post (Scott Catalogue prefix; ...

What does the name MQ mean?

MQ silicone To give it its full name, this is methyl silicone, and is the simplest form of silicone compound . At a molecular level, it contains repeating units of oxygen, which gives it excellent resistance to ozone, as well as UV and general damage from weathering.

What does MQ stand for in MQ gas sensors?

What does MQ stand for in MQ gas sensors? MQ sensors are special sensors designed to have sensitivity for to detect some gas like LPG, CO, Propane etc. In Chinese, 'sensitive' means 'Mĭngăn' and 'Gas to' means 'Qǐ lai'.

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