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Frequently Asked Questions

What does XM stand for on the radio?

“XM” is a marketing term for digital satellite radio, chosen because of the similarity to “AM” and “FM”, familiar radio terms when the service started. … “AM” stands for “amplitude modulation.” Let’s take one of my local AM stations, WGY 810, for example. How does XM radio work?

Is XM Radio worth it?

The XM traffic would be nice for major incidents, but most the time, it just says heavy traffic which is the norm most of the time, so I'm not sure it will be worth $12 plus the audio subscription.

What is better quality XM or Sirus Radio?

We believe SiriusXM® is a more refined, better quality service. It’s also better for people that are interested in more than just music. Still, you can’t argue with free. If you’re willing to listen to advertising, free streaming radio is a pretty good deal.

Is Sirius XM worth the money?

Yes, as Vince Alvino has written, ad-free privately owned radio has only subscription revenues to earn back their costs. But also, Sirius-XM has had a monopoly on satellite radio in the US and Canada for years, and that meant no competition for their kind of narrowly-defined content streams.

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