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Frequently Asked Questions

Is G Suite worth it?

Is G Suite worth it for personal use? G Suite is our recommendation for personal use in your home office , but for those interested in continuing to work with Microsoft’s desktop apps or those who need additional cloud storage space, Office 365 is a good choice too.

Does G Suite cost money?

Yes. G Suite is the only email provider I would recommend. It basically gives you Gmail for your domain name email addresses. What Does G Suite Cost? G Suite costs money— you will have to pay for any email address connected to a domain name. That’s just reality.

How much does Google G Suite cost?

Your G Suite costs depend primarily on how many team members you have. Google charges you on a per-user basis, similar to Office 365 and other productivity platforms. In the graphic above, you see that G Suite has three different options. Depending upon the computing needs of your organization, your G Suite costs range from $6-25/user/month.

Is G Suite free?

The service offered a free subscription to the tools, now known as the G Suite legacy free edition. That said, the company recently announced that they will be discontinuing the free version starting June 1, 2022. The tech giant also offered two ways for G Suite free legacy edition users to continue their subscription.

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