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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Behavioral Health Unit at Hutchinson Regional Medical Center?

Today’s world can present all-too-real threats to mental health. The Behavioral Health Unit at Hutchinson Regional Medical Center is your source for trusted, high-quality care for friends and loved ones facing a mental health crisis. We welcome self-admission, family admissions, and patient referrals.

What is Hutchinson health?

Our compassionate mental health professionals offer their experience and services to clients of all ages in a comfortable, confidential setting. Recognized for excellence statewide, Hutchinson Health is committed to providing accessible, comprehensive mental health services close to home, where your care team knows you best.

How do I contact Hutchinson health hospital?

For outpatient services, including individual and group therapy, call 320-484-4610. For the chemical dependency program, call 320-484-4610. For our 24/7 crisis help line, call 320-484-4585. For patients who are experiencing more severe mental health needs, we also have an inpatient mental health unit within Hutchinson Health Hospital.

What can you expect at Hutchinson Regional Medical Center?

“Hutchinson Regional Medical Center’s partnership with Horizons Mental Health Center brings a continuum of quality care and convenience to patients and families across the area.” — Vikki Mader, Horizons CEO You can expect a supportive, caring environment in our 15-bed, short-term Behavioral Health unit.

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