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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Indiana Jones 5 trailer be released?

Disney and Lucasfilm have finally revealed the first trailer for Indiana Jones 5, but it hasn't been released to the public yet. Revealed behind closed doors at the Marvel, Star Wars, and 20th Century Studio panel at D23 2022, the trailer showed Harrison Ford's Indiana Jones walking down the streets of a desert city reflecting on his past.

Who is in the Indiana Jones 5 trailer?

The “Indiana Jones 5” trailer was wonderful, showing a bunch of great moments: Mads Mikkelsen as a Nazi, Indy riding a horse through the New York subway, a chase that takes place in a Manhattan tickertape parade, and Sallah (played, once again, by John Rhys-Davies).

What is the plot of Indiana Jones 5?

The rumored plot for Indiana Jones 5 sees Indy battling Nazi scientists against the backdrop of the 1960s Space Race to reach the moon. It appears Harrison Ford's Indiana Jones will be getting back to his Nazi-punching ways, based on the rumored plot for Indiana Jones 5.

When is the new Indiana Jones movie coming out?

The upcoming film is currently set for a June 2023 release. Following last week's news that an Indiana Jones television adaptation may soon be arriving on the small screen via Disney+, the director of what is currently planned to be Harrison Ford's final outing as the intrepid archeologist has confirmed we will be seeing more of Indy soon.

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