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Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is insecticide spray for pest control?

In most cases, this is extremely effective at getting rid of pests inside your home. In rare cases where it's necessary to spray indoors as well, the pesticide can be applied using a light spray while taking additional precautions such as moving any human or pet food and waiting for the product to dry before any contact.

Can I spray indoors with pestie?

Only a light spray is needed. Before spraying indoors, you should read the included label for full safety information and instructions. If you have any questions about whether or not you should spray indoors, our team is available to help. Contact us at [email protected]

Why is simplypestie better than store-bought pest control?

Pestie is better than store-bought pest control in the following ways: Pro-grade products. The active ingredients in the pesticide you will receive is a high quality, long-lasting, pro-grade solution.

Why buy pestie products?

Traditional pest control companies have to pay for salesman commissions. Some of the largest pest control companies pay their salesmen upwards of 50% of the contract value! After paying their salesmen, they pay for technician's salaries, trucks, and equipment. When you buy Pestie products, you bypass all of the middlemen and pocket the savings.

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