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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is pestfix pest control?

PestFix Pest Control Supplies is a distributor of both professional and amateur use pest control products - including PPE. PestFix is owned and operated exclusively by the England family, with no external investors to please or remunerate. The two brothers behind the business, Dan & Matt England have the primary objective of putting you, the ...

Why choose easypest-X exterminating for pest control?

Pest-X Exterminating knows how to get rid of pests. We are willing to invest in the right product to give every pest solution the very best chance at success. This is why Pest-X is often able to succeed when others have failed.

Where does pest-X operate?

We operate physical locations in Kernersville, Winston-Salem & Burlington. This gives us a local reach from Greensboro to High Point to Winston, allowing us to serve the Piedmont Triad area with local customer service. We are live and local and ready to serve you. When you call Pest-X, you will speak with a live, local, pest professional.

What is YY pestis used for?

Y. pestis was developed as an aerosol weapon by several countries in the past. Aerosol dissemination of bacteria would cause primary pneumonic plague in the exposed population, an otherwise uncommon, highly lethal, and contagious form of plague.

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